What is belly dancing?

This ancient and alluring dance encapsulates the female spirit with beauty, elegance and sensuality.
Here is a dance which can be enjoyed by women of any culture, age or body shape.
Belly Dance is a safe and fun way to get fit, tone up, shape up and gain self confidence.
For pregnant women and following childbirth, belly dance is often recommended by the medical profession as the best and safest way to regain your figure and fitness which will then enable you to slip back into enjoying life once again.
Unlike several other dance styles – you don’t need a partner – just bring yourself to class and enjoy the company of like-minded women.
Along with learning about this most ancient and exotic of dances you will have the opportunity to learn the exotic secrets of Middle Eastern Cuisine with some of NZ’s leading Middle Eastern chefs, what better way to entertain your guests at your next dinner party?