Dance Styles

Belly Dance
A Middle Eastern dance, involving undulating movements of the belly and rapid gyration of the hips.
Emphasis on fitness while learning to isolate the muscles and learning how to twist the abdomen and hips.

Latin American Dance
Offering an outlet for rhythmic expression and flowing sensual movements. The Tango is a partner dance empahsising the vibrant and playful style of ballroom with the passion and spirit of drama.

This style of dancing is derived from old gypsy dances and involves vigorous and rhythmic clapping and stamping of feet. The art of movement and transforming the most spectacular skills into harmony and beauty.

A beautiful expression of dance through slow and graceful movements that work together with hands, feet and shoulders.

A colourful, dynamic and highly theatrical dance style. Combines classical forms of dance including traditional Indian, folk, salsa, belly dance while incorporating more contemporary modern dance such as hip hop, jazz and funk.

Burlesque and Cabaret
Burlesque has experienced a resurgence in popularity and is a fun and sensual dance style. Encompassing a wider range of performance styles and introducing elements of modern dance, theatrical drama and comedic mayhem.