History of Belly Dancing

Belly Dance was all over Europe and the Middle East thousands of years B.C. There are cave drawings in Sicily of what is thought to be Belly Dancers dating back to 7,500 B.C.
With the advent of Christianity Belly Dance left Europe but remained in the Middle East.
In the West it is known as Middle Eastern Dance or Belly Dance.
In the Middle East it is known as Dance Oriental – or – Raqs Sharqui which is Arabic for Dance of the Far East.
So why are Western Women so intrigued with this dance style?
Women have for centuries been intrigued with the romance and the exoticism of that part of the world.
Mental pictures come to mind of hot burning, sands, harems, flowing sensual garments etc
the harems no longer exist and the hot burning sands are more in the mind than on one’s feet.
We all have a wish to escape from the humdrum of everyday life.
Here is your chance to venture into a world that glorifies being a woman regardless of age, shape or culture.
Belly Dance gives a woman the freedom to express her sensuality, femininity and passion through dance.
While firming and toning the body you are gaining fitness and self confidence. You too, can don those alluring, flowing garments and sparkle your way into a Harem Evening.