To put a sparkle into your party one or more of our dancers will do just that.
You can be assured of a polished, elegant and fun performance.
The show begins with a variety of choreographed dances ending with audience involvement after  your special guest.
With the audience involvement all of your guests feel that they have then been able to participate in the festive celebration.
Our dancers will ensure that you will have a fun and unforgettable party.
The size of the area provided for the dancer dictates as to which props she can use. i.e. Veils, Isis Wings, cane etc.
Sound system to be available for the dancer who will bring her own music.

To break the ice at your corporate event, what better way than having a professional Belly Dancer to warm up your event.
A show that has class, elegance and style along with some fun is perfect for such an occasion.
If appropriate, your guests can participate with the dancer/dancers nearing the end of the show.
Rest assured that this is tastefully arranged to provide the fun and entertainment to ensure your guests feel that they have had an enjoyable and unforgettable event.
Group fee negotiable.

Haren is taken from the word ‘Haram’ meaning FORBIDDEN so men are not permitted to attend these functions.
During the evening Henna Painting, Goddess Card Readings and Gossip is shared.
A dance show completes the evening, after which guests are invited to dance.

Catered for in a venue of your choice or in our studios.
The Bride to be always wants her Hen Party to be something to remembered by her and her friends.
The answer to this is to hire one of our Belly Dancers who will not only perform for you but also entertain you with a fun lesson in the Art of the most Ancient Dance of all – the Belly Dance.
Our dancer will provide hip scarves and veils and will teach you the basic tricks of the trade in becoming a seductive Belly Dancer in one short session.
Don’t forget to include the Mother and Grandmother of the Bride.
These ladies are more experienced in the art of enjoying themselves.
Perhaps you are looking for something a little more daring?
No items of clothing are removed so – again – include the Mother and Grandmother of the Bride.
Ask your guests to come equipped with trousers or tights, an extra “G” string and bras which will be worn over the clothing and removed at the end of the seduction dance.
This Hen Party is a must if you are wanting to have some fun and get rid of a few inhibitions while remaining fully clothed.
You are guaranteed plenty of laughs.
For both the Belly Dance Hen Party or the Seduction Dance Hen Party the Bride to be is given a C.D. of the music which has been used for her party.
Dance Costume is provided for the Bride for photographs if wished.
Henna Painting available upon request.

In the Middle East a wedding is not complete unless there is a Belly Dancer.
This is an ancient custom, the significance being that the Belly Dancer would bring luck to the married couple in producing healthy off-spring.
The Belly Dancer usually places her hand on the bride’s abdomen to ensure fertility. At the finale of her dance she invites the married couple to join her with the celebratory dance.
In the Western world it is now quite customary to have a Belly Dancer entertain the guests.
To get the festivities started the dancer will invite not only the married couple up to dance but also the guests are invited to join in the couple’s special celebration.

Usually at these events the group performs. Fees are negotiable depending on the event.
There is no fee involved if the function is for charity or fund raising.

Monique is often invited to be the guest speaker at various clubs, mainly Womens Clubs where she gives a short demonstration of Belly Dance followed by an interesting and entertaining talk on the history of this ancient women’s dance.
As Monique was the pioneer of Belly Dance in NZ she has many personal and often very funny anecdotes to relate which have happened to her on and off stage over the years.
Having danced in Egypt, Iran, Turkey, the United States, England and N.Z. she has a myriad of tales to relate.

1. The dancer arrives 15 – 30 mins prior to the performance when the music
will be handed to the host

2. A room must be made available for the changing into costume.
3. If the dancer is made to wait for longer than 30 minutes a “respect fee” of $50 is charged.
4. Cash must be paid at the end of the performance.
5. Travel allowance is included in the fee if the performance is in Auckland.
If out of town, travel allowance is required to be added onto the fee.
6. Sound system to be available for the dancer who will bring her own music.
7. The dancers are experienced and all professionally trained in the art of entertainment as well as dance.
8. A cancellation fee is required if the show is cancelled within 24 hours of the performance.
9. The dancer will contact you prior to the show to confirm.