Welcome to Abbraccia School of Dance and Belly DanceTuition and Entertainment

“Abbraccia” is Italian for “Embrace” – the perfect name for Monique Feron’s School of Dance which embraces many dance styles.


* Egyptian Belly Dance
* South American Dance
* Spanish/Gypsy Dance
* Polynesian
* Burlesque and Cabaret


We offer opportunities to learn the art of belly dancing or you can hire our services for your next event.

The director and choreographer is Monique Feron, also known as “Zahara”* Her passion is dance
* Her philosophy in life is to embrace the dance of many cultures and to share her passion of dance with her students and audience with warmth and fun
* Her reward is seeing the results of her tuition as her students achieve a professional standard both in dance and the technique of entertainment


Belly Dance Delights for Tuition and Entertainment